Bar Exam Week Tip #2: Type my essay outline or write it on scratch paper

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And a question that I got the other day was: Should I write my outline actually into my computer during the Bar Exam on Essays or shall I write my outline on scratch paper?

So again I’ll write on scratch paper or actually in the computer? So, my suggestion is do whatever that works for you, do whatever you feel that works for you, and when you do that make sure you practice that, so if you like to handwrite things out and scribble and write things in the corner and move things here and just like point that or whatever, which is what I liked to do on my Bar Exam because I felt I could add more access, I could create a bigger picture there, that’s what I did and if you feel that works for you then go on and do that.

If you just like to kind of write the outline on the computer, type it up and then maybe build your essay from that, then go ahead and do that, too. But one danger that people told us about outlining on the computer was if after you have written out your outline your computer crashes for some reason, then you not only cannot type your essay, by the way, but you will also lose your outline, you’ll lose all that work.

So well that’s a realistic fear of something that, you know, happens very very very rarely, I don’t know, but practice both ways and do what you feel as most comfortable. For me I’m on the more big picture, I kind of write it all out and write it down on that scratch paper and I felt fine if I tried to do that on my computer.

But that’s just the way I practiced, the way I learnt, so whatever you want to do, try both ways during your prep, that’s all you have a couple of months to prepare, try both ways whatever works, go out there and do it.

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