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  1. Hi Dustin,
    I’m a McGeorge grad who is now officially a repeater as of Friday. I wanted to get your take on BarMax. The overwhelming, drinking from a fire hose method with barbri was somewhat off putting to me while studying last time, and I’m looking for something that basically helps me recall everything I’ve learned in school and barbri in a more streamlined, efficient way. Their website is really speaking my language because this seems to be exactly what they aim to do at barmax. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.


    1. Hi Kyle,

      How’s it going bud? Always nice to hear from a fellow McGeorgian!

      BarMax has several distinctions from Bar/Bri. One of the main ones is exactly as you said, to take the ‘overwhelm’ out of bar prep. Their lectures are much shorter and they basically get straight to the point. They don’t have a boat-load of books and materials that Bar/Bri provides.

      They also publish their pass rates. In 2012, they passed 73% in California, up from 71% in 2011. This pass rate is also amongst ALL their takers, including repeaters. Bar/Bri, unfortunately, doesn’t publish their pass rate.

      I have previewed the app and it’s real simple and easy to use. It’s also all mobile, so you can literally study anywhere (internet not required after you download the app).

      Another distinction are the classes. If you are the person who wants to be in class and kinda needs that ‘connection’ with everyone, BarMax won’t give that to you, but you could be using the app in the library where everyone else is studying if that’s your thing.

      The price point is also much less. BarMax is $999 normal price and $749 is you use the link on the side bar.

      If you want to hear some more from them or sign up, I interviewed their co-founder and he talks more about the app on my podcast series here:

      Good luck on your choice and let me know of any other questions!

  2. Dustin,

    I am also a bar repeater and have similar concerns like Kyle. I am having a tough time right now in deciding whether to repeat Kaplan, which I took last time, or to splurge a little for BarMax (which is more than the repeat cost of Kaplan). I really like the mobility of BarMax and I like a lot of what they speak to, but I am concerned because I have also read some bad reviews as well.

    I took Barbri before taking Kaplan, and the lectures were too boring and put me to sleep. With Kaplan I didn’t do much of the lectures, I did more of the notecards because from past experience I learn a lot better from notecards than listening to lectures.

    I read your 12 exam tips. Thanks so much for that! I think its a great article! Based on your points in that article, how important do you think listening to the lectures is for someone like me? Based on your article, it seems like practicing doing the actual questions is much more important than listening to lectures.

    If that is the case, then perhaps doing shorter, to the point lectures of BarMax would be more beneficial then struggling to keep up with Kaplan’s 4-hr lectures, so there would be ample time for practice, would you agree?

    Which bar review course did you take (or did you take one)? Which would you recommend for between Kaplan vs. BarMax.

    Also, one last question: in your study period did you find that it was very plausible to study only 6 days a week or do you think you should be studying 7 days a week, but just having ample breaks throughout to keep you fresh, as you discussed?

    I would really appreciate your responses to these questions. Thank you so much in advance for your time!


    AZ bar taker

    1. Hi AZ Bar,

      As far as the bad review on BarMax, I would do two things… compare the overall good review and bad reviews you’ve seen for BarMax, then do the same with Kaplan. Personally, I’ve seen a lot more poor reviews of Kaplan, but that’s just been my experience. Also, to me, one of the most important things about BarMax is their transparency about their pass rates and Kaplan’s unwillingness to publicly own their pass rate.

      I used Bar/Bri back in Feb 2010 (before BarMax was around and Themis was just getting started and not yet proven). I liked Bar/Bri and have no knock on them, except for their price and length of lectures.

      If I had to pick between Kaplan and BarMax, hands down I’d take BarMax. There is the price differential, the pass rate, length of lectures, and mobility. Did you see the bar review comparison article I wrote here? It should cover all your questions between the 2 programs.

      You are welcome for the 12 tips. Glad you enjoyed :). It seems clear you have listened to your fair share of lectures between BarBri’s lectures and then not even really listening to Kaplan’s lectures. What I think may have hurt you is when you say you did ‘notecards.’ Practice questions are the best way to prepare, not lectures or notecards. Whatever you do, I’d make that your main focus, especially since you are already familiar with all the law already.

      6 days/week is more than enough to prepare. As I emphasize in my book The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success, preparing for the bar is not doing more tasks. It’s about doing the RIGHT tasks and managing your energy along the way.

      Good luck bud!

  3. Do you have a:
    1. BarMax MBE only discount?
    2. BarMax Baby Bar program discount?
    3. Baby bar discount?
    4. A White House Dinner discount with President Obama?
    (You have a lot of discounts!)


  4. Dustin,

    I graduated law school in 2001 and took the exam three times, passing the mbe and performance sections, but failing miserably on the essay section. I haven’t taken the exam in about 5 years, but am planning on Feb 15 and July 15 if necessary. My question is this, should I listen to all of the Barbri lectures because I have been out of school and away from the exam, or just read the conviser and practice essay writing.

    Thank for you emails and kind words of encouragement. Hope to hear from you regarding the above.


    Mike Kiernan

    1. Hi Michael,

      Focus on taking the practice exams and using Conviser as a guide and helper. If you have extra time, watch the lectures to get you refreshed on the topics. But priority 1 is practice!

  5. Hi Dustin. Just wanted to let you know that I finally completed readying your fabulous book, The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success. I had it in my Kindle library but had only read the first pages some time ago, I kick myself for not reading it completely before and you are just the greatest! Your simple insight and simple examples are truly what everyone needs. My name appears on the pass list – Yes I believe that <3

  6. Please send information on party interested in taking TEXAS Bar Exam including pass rate for your review course students.

  7. Dear Dustin,

    I have listened to your book, which I downloaded from I have found it very useful as a starting guide for my bar exam preparation.

    I would appreciate if you could send me the affirmation text as well as the list of the topics which show up the most during the bar exam (both MBE and essays).

    Thanks very much,

  8. Hi Dustin,

    I (finally) decided to take the bar exam after working full-time for 3 years. I worked my full-time and one part-time job while studying. While I did take a course, I also read your book and repeated the daily affirmations. I’m happy to report that I passed and I’m so glad I found your site!

    Thanks for the help!


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