Bar Exam Week has Arrived: Don’t make this Mistake on your Essays

by Dustin on

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And a question that recently came across my desk was this: during the Bar Exam week I have three essays.

Should I go through the essays in order that they’re presented to me or should I go look at all three essays and either start with one that will take the most time or maybe one that’s the easiest, and then go to the other two essays?

So, my general tip is this: go with what you feel, go with what God tells you to do it, don’t go out of fear like reacting out of fear, but if you feel like “let’s do this essay first”, then go with that option, generally speaking I recommend that you just go in the order that they’re presented. Start with the first one, go to the second one, go to the third one.

And there’s a couple of reasons for that. One is if you just look at all three essays and then you pick which one to go to, two things are going to happen. One is that you’re going to lose a little bit of time, and time is very crucial on essays, second is you might start second guessing yourself, you might start on the second essay , then you don’t know, I can’t figure this out, let me struggle out with the first essay.

So you could be that back and forth and that goes on as well and the third is you won’t be present with the essay that you’re on. You might be thinking about those other two essays that you looked at and it will give you some mind freak, you might freak out just thinking about it. So you won’t be present, you won’t be focused on the essay that you’re working on right then and there.

So, what I recommend is you just open the first essay, whatever it is you go out there and you do it and you spend about the amount of time on it, for many jurisdictions is about an hour, so you spend an hour on it. Well, after that hour is over you go to the next one, you spend an hour on it and when the next one is over, you spend an hour on it.

I wouldn’t go with the mindset and say like: Oh, this is going to take longer, let me go and spend an hour and 15 or an hour and 20 and give yourself less time for the other ones. Rarely, if ever, there was certainly never in my case that I could finish an essay, even if it was a simple easy basic essay which don’t really exist on the Bar Exam, there’s no real simple easy basic essays, but even if they were they always would take me an hour to complete regardless. And if I finished before an hour it’s usually because I missed issues and I didn’t, you know, get everything correct in the essay.

So, my advice again is just go essay by essay, one, two, three, focus on the one you’re on, spend an hour, move to the next ones, spend an hour, move to the next, spend an hour and then view for whatever needs some time on , after that you can go back and mix some or add some words here and there.

So that’s my tip for you not to go, you know, jumping around, just focus one at a time. So, that’s my tip for today. If you liked that tip, hit the like button below please, also share this video with some friends and family that can also benefit from this video. Also, I don’t know but /12Keys and get your free PDF download, The 12 Keys to Bar Exam Success. It’s a guide that I made to help you to mind set strategy, it will save time, save stress, and you go out there and pass that Bar Exam. So head on over to and until next time I’ll see you on the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

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