What Clothes Should I Wear on Bar Exam Day

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Hi everyone, Dustin here from IPassedMyBarExam.com helping you pass the Bar Exam with ease and confidence. And I know some of you are wondering what kind of clothes should you wear when you walk into the Bar Exam on Bar Exam day. You know: should it be your nice fit clothes, should it be your loose or relaxing clothes, should you dress up in a suit, what should you wear?

You know, if your jurisdiction doesn’t mandate something that you should wear and there’s one jurisdiction out there that does mandate that you wear actually a formal suit to the Bar Exam, my advice is to wear whatever it is that you want, wear whatever it is that’s comfortable for you.

In fact, if you’re wearing a certain type of clothing throughout the Bar Exam Prep, I recommend you just kind of wear that as you go to the Bar Exam Room. Using that association with the prep, so just walking there, like for me it was- I wore a hoodie and jeans and I basically wore that throughout almost my entire Bar prep and I just wore that during the Bar Exam Day as well.

So that’s what I recommend. You should know that also– that people that generally tend to dress up sometimes their performance can be better because how you dresses, how you feel, so if you’re one of those types that like to dress up because you feel better about yourself, you feel more dynamic, you feel like a lawyer walking in to the Bar Exam that : ‘hey, this is my day at office and this is what I’m going to do’, you know on a day to day, so you want to dress up, you feel better, you feel more dynamic, you may be sharper, that’s not a bad idea as well, so try that out but generally speaking I recommend that you wear that whatever you are wearing during Bar Prep.

Do make sure that you bring layer clothing and that also–make sure that the clothing you wear is comfortable. So, if you’re going to wear something nice and fancy, make sure you practice that a little bit during your Bar Prep so if you’re wearing, you know, a nice suit, you don’t want to get too tight and feel stiff in that suit, so when you walk in to the Bar Exam Day, if you had practice before you walk in there in the Bar Exam day and not know that’s going to happen that you feel stiff and tighten- it’s just another distraction that you’re going to have.

So, again my conclusion,without all the rumbling here, is to wear whatever you wore during Bar Prep, wear something that’s comfortable, bring layer clothing in case it’s cold or hot inside the Bar Exam Room and then also wear something that makes you feel dynamic, makes you feel energized that you can go in and crush it.

That’s my tip on what to wear during Bar Exam Week and you head on over right now to iPassedMyBarExam.com /12 Keys , number 1, number 2 keys , and get your free PDF, The 12 keys to Bar Exam Success, it’s a free PDF download, go ahead over there now and get it now. Until next time always remember – your name appears on the pass list.

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