Preparing for each Bar Exam Subject

After sitting through your bar review lecture, you look at your outline, essay book, MBE questions, and ask yourself, “What should I study first?”  Although, it’s very good to experiment to find what works best for you, here’s a look at what method I used that worked for me.  I ended up evolving from one […]

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Bar Exam Essays Part 3: Use Headings

Click here to go to a link of July 2010 California bar exam passing model essay answers. Look at them, and find one thing all the model answers have in common…..the answer is: Headings! Indeed, you won’t find a model answer that doesn’t have well organized headings. The bottom line: HEADINGS ARE IMPORTANT. Why Headings are […]

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I’ve hit rock bottom, and I think I’m going to cry.

It’s the feeling that is bound to come up at least once during your bar prep.  It’s the “Omg, I can’t do this-I suck at this-I’m never going to get this right-why do I have to do this-why-why-why” syndrome.  When it arrives it might feel like the worst thing in the world. And here’s the […]

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15 MORE ways to take a MORE-than 15 minute Break from Bar Exam Studying

Short breaks are good, but sometimes we need a long break to get away and free our mind from bar studying.  I recommend taking several hour or day-long breaks if needed.  A good rule of thumb may be to take at least one full day off every week.  I took four days off in a row […]

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Bar Exam Essays Part 2: 8 Things Every Bar Essay should Have

Some of these may sound obvious and some not so much.  Here is a list of the eight items to make sure you have in each of your bar exam essays.  They are in order of importance, starting backward. (8) Conclusion Although, your conclusion should be obvious from your analysis, at the end of each […]

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The 4 Phases of the Bar Exam Study Period

As with all journeys, bar exam prep time contains its high and low points.  As much as we would like to be able to smash through our homework, with consistent focus, each and every day, the reality is we are human, and our energy levels fluctuate.  Here is a breakdown of the four different phases […]

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15 ways to take a 15 Minute Break from Bar Exam studying

The sole focus of many of you during this time period is bar exam preparation.  You may wake up in the morning at 8 or 9am and have the entire day, over 14 hours of time, to prepare for the bar!  That is a ridiculous amount of time and much more than you’ll ever need.  […]

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