15 MORE ways to take a MORE-than 15 minute Break from Bar Exam Studying

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Short breaks are good, but sometimes we need a long break to get away and free our mind from bar studying.  I recommend taking several hour or day-long breaks if needed.  A good rule of thumb may be to take at least one full day off every week.  I took four days off in a row at one point!  Here are 15 ways you can take a longer break from bar studying.

(1)  Hit the gym/Lift weights

Health professionals recommended that people get at least twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three times per week.  Only a few things are more refreshing and energizing than a good work out on the stair master and in the weight room.

(2)  Go for a swim

Don’t want to run? Go for a swim.  Swimming is one of the most refreshing and healthiest activities you can participate in.  Take a quick dip into a swimming pool, lake, or ocean.  Clearing your mind, refreshing your body, and getting healthy exercise while you’re at it will go a long way in keeping you fresh, sharp, and ready to get back to studying. 

(3)  Massage

Personally, massages are one of my all-time favorite activities to partake in (getting a massage that is, not giving one!).  In some parts of the country, you can get an amazing full body massage for only $20/hr!  If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check out a great place: www.islandfootspa.com.  Generally, massages can be pricey, so if you don’t want to dip too deep into the finances, try a foot, facial, or upper back massage, which can still do wonders to refreshing your body, mind, and spirit. 

(4)  Date night with significant other

There aren’t too many ways better than scheduling some ‘away’ time with the honey.  Leave the bar books and computer at home.  Spend the entire day or just the evening together touring a winery, going out to a nice restaurant, amusement park, sporting game or whatever else cosmopolitan magazine recommends for a nice getaway. 

(5)  Watch a Movie

One of the best escape-from-reality tricks can be cozying up with your favorite movie.  Either be comforted by a long-time favorite or see something new and exciting.  You can go to the theaters or rent from Redbox and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  If you want an inspirational rental, I recommend Legally Blonde.  That movie certainly helped me get through first year of law school!  Ok, that’s just a joke…well, kind of.

(6)  Ski or Snowboard

For those of you in the snowy climates, you KNOW how great a day at the slopes can be.  One day cruising the powdered snow in the mountains, can feel Godly.  Do this and you’ll have enough juice to last the entire week!

(7)  The Beach

For those of you in the warmer climates, the beach could be a good place to walk around, eat, shop, swim, relax, and enjoy life. 

(8)  Take a Shower/Bubble Bath

If the pool or beach is too far away, just hop in the bath tub, drop in some Mr. Bubbly, and soak your stress away.  If you have a powerful shower head, you could get a great in-home massage.  If you want to take a long shower, put that $30/month gym membership to use and use the shower at your spa so you don’t have to run up your own water bill!  Gym shower heads may be even stronger than the ones at home.

(9)  Bar or Night Club

We know you did it during law school.  No need to change the routine too drastically now.  Friday night is still Friday night.  Put it to good use and step away from the books.

(10)  Church

Find it ironic I put this right after the going to the bar?  I try and cater to all interests and passions.  There is nothing like getting away, putting yourself around upbeat singing, reading a holy book, giving yourself some time with God, and being surrounding with fresh, positive people.  An hour or two per week in church could be a very useful time investment.

(11)  Yoga Class

As weird as it sounds, stretching your body in funky, unusual positions can be a great way to literally pull all the tension out of you.  It can also be very soothing, calming, and relaxing.

(12)  Go on a drive around the city

This is one of my favorite things to do!  You can get out of your space, clear your head, absorb the information you have been taking in, and remain somewhat active and moving.  An added bonus is you may get to see new parts of the city.  The burning of a few dollars of gasoline is well worth the break!

(13)  Get a haircut/nails done

Cut away some of that old hair or get a fresh, new layer of ‘turquoise tangerine-colored’ nail polish, and you’ll soon find the new you within.  The endorphins will be kicking and keep you happy and moving, ready for your next study session.  Just don’t break a nail typing a practice exam!

(14)  Go to a concert/outdoor event

This can be a great, fun or relaxing way to spend some time away from the books.  Check out www.ticketmaster.com for upcoming concerts in your area.  Just don’t actually buy from ticketmaster (they charge ridiculous fees!).  Buy at the door if you can or check ebay.

(15)  Play sports

Find a park where there are basketball or soccer games going on and join in the fun!  Or join an intramural program as a free agent or with your own team and get out there, have fun, and strengthen your brain muscles, while getting exercise.

I hope you find some of these useful.  Don’t feel guilty for taking a break.  I would take days off at a time.  Breaks are important and useful in the marathon that is the bar exam.

Best of luck in passing your bar exam!

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