I’ve hit rock bottom, and I think I’m going to cry.

by Dustin on

It’s the feeling that is bound to come up at least once during your bar prep.  It’s the “Omg, I can’t do this-I suck at this-I’m never going to get this right-why do I have to do this-why-why-why” syndrome.  When it arrives it might feel like the worst thing in the world.

And here’s the good news.  Once you hit your ‘rock bottom’ moment, it will likely NEVER appear again (at least during bar prep)!  So, get ready and excited when the moment comes because it’s the lowest you’ll be.  It really is the time that will be a test for you, cause you to dig deep, and analyze how bad you want it.  And when you come out the other side, you’ll be feeling fantastic!

It’s also an opportunity to re-orient yourself.  Your study habits, patterns, or thoughts might be currently leading you on a path where you won’t see the results you want.  It’s the ‘knock knock’ of your spirit telling you to dig deeper, work harder, or refocus your mind.  It’s the divine asking you, “How badly do you want this?”

This moment is not a bad thing.  Rather it’s an opportunity.  It’s the chance to build the momentum and juice that will springboard you for the rest of your bar prep.  A little fear and distress placed into your blood stream can help you focus in on your goal.  It may force you to look to others for support, and hopefully you’ll come out of that with the realization that PEOPLE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and PASS THE BAR EXAM.

Either way, it probably will be something you remember and become something you will be proud of overcoming when you do pass that bar.

When will the moment hit?

For me, it hit towards the beginning of Phase 2, about three weeks into my bar prep (about five weeks before the bar).  Although, you might say you’ve been having ‘this moment’ the entire bar period, when you really feel it, you’ll really feel it.

But in crisis comes big opportunity.

For me, hitting ‘this moment’ made me really look inside.

What do when you hit this moment?


I don’t mean this in a funny or ‘all-hope-is-lost’ manner.  Seriously, pray.  Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or none of the above, scientific prayer has proven to have very great and powerful benefits.  The book, The Secret, cites the bible verse: “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Go and spend some time alone.  I recommend at least an hour.  Ask your faith, your God, yourself, your mind, whatever you believe in to help you. Say, “Please God, I want to pass the bar exam.”  Tell it the reasons why you want to pass and what you will do if you are granted such a powerful license.  Put your faith in the universe and ask it for guidance and help in reaching your success.

Did you ever read the book Eat, Pray, Love?  The protagonist hit ‘this moment’ in her life and once she took the time to pray for awhile, asking for help, her entire future drastically changed… for the better.

Once I hit ‘this moment,’ I went and sat in the shower for about an hour, depressed as heck.  I looked to the one place I could, and that was God.  I just prayed and prayed for help.

From that point on, throughout the rest of my bar prep, I NEVER felt as down or worried.  It’s almost like I made a covenant, and I knew the big guy upstairs had my back.  Of course the big guy won’t pass the bar for you.  Preparation, discipline, and hard work are still required.  However, having asked for help, I did feel like I received some.

However, I do emphasize answering the questions, “Why do you want to pass the bar?” and “What will you do once you pass it?”  These are VERY important for establishing your foundation in bar exam prep and life as an attorney.  Check out Goal Setting your way to passing the bar exam for more.

Keep up the preparation and hard work and remember to look inside when you need to.  People want you to pass the bar exam.  Believe it!

Best of luck!

“This name appears on the pass list”

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