You don’t Need to Measure up to Bar Exam Model Answers!

For some of us, the only way to check out bar exam answers is to look at the calbar website with a list of selected model answers. I know the selected answers are supposedly only ‘passing’ answers and not ‘model’ answers; however, those essays are phenomenal!  It’s really hard to believe that a student wrote […]

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Top 20 Bar Exam Day Tips

Your big day is here.  Here are some bar exam day tips to keep in mind. 1) Don’t discuss answers with others We all know there is a temptation to eavesdrop and ask other people what they wrote for answers, but will this help you?  You can’t go back and change anything, and in my […]

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If you don’t know it, NOBODY does!

You’ve spent the last couple months preparing.  You’ve done what you can to memorize rules, practice, take essays and performance tests, and keep your head above water.  When you get to the bar exam; however, don’t be surprised if you see things you don’t know.  It is ok. This is plain and simple, the nature […]

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The Bar Exam Performance Tests are Easy

The Performance Tests (PTs) are like a scary haunted house.  It’s frightening at first, but once you suck up the courage and go in, you come out the other side with candy and a fun, ‘that-wasn’t-so-bad’ experience! Did I say fun and PT’s in the same sentence?  Maybe that’s pushing it, but the PT’s are […]

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Bar Exam Essays Part 5: Write a Good Outline

So, we know the importance of outlining.  Now, let’s see how to make a good one. 1)      Read the call of the question You’ll get an idea of what subject is being tested. 2)      Do a brief read-through of the actual essay once or twice This read-through allows you to get an idea of what […]

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Bar Exam Essays Part 4: Outline My Bar Exam Answer?

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  For the written portions of the bar exam, that simply means outlining your answer will play a big part in helping you pass your essays. Bar examiners love organized answers.  In fact, if you read the California bar performance test instructions on page 4, Item #8, they are […]

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3 Weeks Left: 5 Bar Exam Prep Tips to Focus On

It’s crunch time.  You are entering Phase III of bar exam prep.  Your nerves may be up, and now it’s time to keep cool and keep practicing. With three weeks to go, many people start to get a little antsy about how well they’re going to do.  This bar exam, which has been in the […]

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