Should I Make a Long Outline for Each Bar Exam Topic

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And a question recently came to me the other day from a student I was helping and the question was this: if I want to form outlines for each of the subjects how can I do that?

I have just not enough time. And my answer is this: there’s not enough time because that’s not really the best use of your time, so to go out there and form outlines for each of your subjects it’s going to take a ton of time and it’s really not going to be that beneficial in helping you pass.

The reason is simply the fact that spending a lot of time outlining doesn’t get a lot of results. It’s going out there and taking practice Exams that gets you the results. So for those of you who are going out there and want pretty nice- clean pretty outlines for any of your topics and then deciding: okay, now that I have my outline, now I can go take the Essays, going to try that good luck you’re going to spend a lot of time and by the end of the Bar Prep hopefully you’ll come to realize that it’s not really about that outline, it is about the practice tests.

So if you want to make outlines make them simple and basic but just make them enough to help you pass those essays that you’re taking in, take those essays that you’re taking, not to make nice and tense pretty outlines. So that’s my tip for you out there, if you’re maybe in the same boat, it’s don’t spend a ton of time doing outlining because you’re not going to have any time for your essays at all and that’s going to be very not beneficial for you and likely could hurt you on your Bar Exam.

So go out there and get them this week. If you like that tip please hit the like button below, also head on over to keys, number 1, number 2 keys, download your free guide, PDF guide, the 12 keys to Bar Exam Success. Until next time, I’ll see you on the next video. And always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

Should I Repeat Bar Exam Questions I Already Practiced

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And one of my coaching clients the other day asked me: Should I repeat the questions that I’ve already taken for the MBE? So, they took a set of MBE questions- should they later repeat and do those same questions or not?

And my suggestion is this: for the MBE you generally don’t need to do that, for the essays I would recommend that you do that. So, let’s say you take a group of three essays and you do them, I mean you go through them, you learn how that works, and a week later you just want to do some more essays.

You can do more essays or you can repeat those ones that you took because chances are when you go back and you repeat the ones that you took you’re probably not going to remember everything, every little detail that you got and there’s a good chance to again learn and develop and practice the issues spotted, practice the writing, practice going through the essays and you know, writing a complete essay out.

However the MBE, because the questions are very specific and because when you repeat the same questions you’re probably going to know the answer already. Maybe if you took a set at the beginning of your prep and then you know towards the end of your prep, you would remember it, it wouldn’t be like you see it brand-new, but you’re probably already going to know the answers to those.

So, generally speaking I don’t recommend you repeat the MBE questions , there’s a whole bank of them out there whether using [ 01:26 Bar or you don’t] there’s a whole bank of MBE questions, so you don’t really need to go through and repeat it. But for the essays they’re not quite as many all the time and going on the topic and the jurisdiction so it’s not entirely a bad idea to go back and repeat your essays. So that’s my tip on whether to repeat questions or not and how I recommend you go about it.

A performance test depends probably again you don’t need to repeat it as much as long once you do it once you can just find another performance test that you’re doing to do as well to help you practice.

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5 Ways to Improve Bar Exam Essay Scores Podcast with (Episode 020)

Today we bring on another special guest to help you out with your essays, this is Nadine from who is going to come on and tell you five ways to pass and five things you can do to improve your essay score. Also at the end of the program she is going to tell you lot about here awesome, awesome cool program they have called Bar Issues and how it can help you out on your bar exam so be sure to stay tuned at the end there to hear about that and also how you can get a discount on your copy of bar issues.

You will hear more about it on the show but just briefly if you want to know what mostly like to be tested on your bar exam and also if you want to take practice exams that test specific issues, so let us say you have specific issues you want to practice like common law first amendment or contract UCC questions, then you definitely want to listen up at the end to hear what Bar Issues is about because they created a great service to help you practice those and to be better prepared. So without further ado let us go into the interview with Nadine from

Hi, hello and we are here with Nadine from that is going to come on today and tell us the five ways to improve your essay scores this bar exam season.

Dustin: Hi Nadine how are you?

Nadine: Hey Dustin I am great thanks for having me.

Dustin: Thanks for coming on great to have you here today

Nadine: Yeah

Dustin: So tell the listeners kind of your story about when you took the bar and kind of how you struggled through and how you made it through and just generally speaking some of your background on that.

Nadine: Okay sure. Well you know there is just so much to study on the bar exam as we all know, particularly the California bar being three days long and I think one of the biggest challenges I found was just the whole overwhelming aspect of it all and what really, really helped me was one of the things I am going to talk about which is planning in advance and  kind of visualizing what I am going to be doing and really, really getting….I probably spent inordinate amount of time on the planning, but it really, really did help a lot. So that was something I think that really helped me and being able to use the tools that Angela and I developed, bar issues helped a lot too as far as knowing what issue were important, and just staying focused in general I think is really important.

Dustin: Right. When you say overwhelm what were you overwhelmed by, I mean I can make a guess but just specific idea.

Nadine: Well I think the fact that there is 15 subjects and we kind of count them as fifteen, we still separate some of the subject although they have kind of been combined now, I am thinking of corporations and partnership and that, but basically we looked at it as 15 subjects and yeah I mean it is overwhelming especially knowing that when it comes to the essays you are not going to be necessarily tested and all 15 subjects and it is just the rules of law, the number of rules of law, the amount of material is what I found really overwhelming.

Dustin: Right and how do you kind of I guess deal with that, because there were other students out there they are probably dealing with the same thing, how did you guys…..?

Nadine: Well, what we did was, we kind of came up with an action plan here and we really like I said, we spend a lot of time on the planning in advance just so that we knew….I was really afraid of running out of time to get everything, to study everything to make sure that I covered up all the subjects so by planning in advance and that is one of our first tips. Get out your calendar, plan it in advance, figure out exactly what subject you are going to study, when , how many practice essays you are going to do and which days. It really, really helps to put things into perspective and just knowing that you really do have enough time on the calendar to cover it all is a big help already.

Dustin: Okay that is interesting. How did you guys plan that out, like how far in advance did you plan out and also did you guys kind of stick to that schedule or did you modify it as you went through?

Nadine: We did modify it. Angela and I both actually took the bar exam at different times, she took the February one, I took the July one, but yeah we did pretty well stick to it, but we did re-planed and re scheduled, we used spread sheet to actually know what, how many essays we had plan to practice and how many we actually did practice, same for the MBE’s, how many we planned to do and how many we did and same for the performance test. So we really, really worked on making sure that we had enough time to get it all done.

Dustin: I am curious. When you guys talked about planning in advance as your first tip, how many did you guys planned for essays, MBE’s, performance test and then how many did you guys ended up doing?

Nadine: Well we both actually honor…on our website we have an essay tracker where I wanted to list all of the essays since 2001 on a chart and I listed them by subject and with a brief little blurb on what the essay was about and my goal was to actually cover off every single essay starting with 2001. I did not practice writing out every essay, but I can say and Angela too that we either wrote, practiced or at least issues spotted every essay which we think gave us a good foundation going in.

Dustin: That is a great tip because I think a lot of students missed that point about the importance of doing essay, so the fact that you hit every essay I think that is great.

Nadine: Yeah, yeah, and the nice thing about having a chart like that is to just be able to check them off as you do them it kind of you know it is kind of boring having to study all the time, but you can kind of make a game out of it by oh gee, today I got three done I am going to check these off and it just makes you kind of feel like you are getting somewhere with everything.

Dustin: Cool awesome. So that would be your first tip, planning in advance. Some student email me like 6 month out like should they start studying now or should they start studying 2 months ahead like when should they…..?

Nadine: We kind of looked at it as a 3 to 4 months period. I would recommend at least 3 months personally, maybe 4 if you can do it. Maybe some people think that is too long but most bar prep courses I would think are also in the 2 to 3 month range.

Dustin: Okay cool. What would be your second tip?

Nadine: Our second tip is endurance. You really have to give yourself total commitment to just staying on track and if you are studying for the February bar exam coming up that means you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that you are going to be a party pooper throughout the entire holiday season and if you are studying for the July bar exam like I did then, you are going to have to realize that there is a lot of summer activities that …maybe you have a young kids or whatever family that are out of school you are not going to be able to necessarily partake. So if you kind of set yourself up for that in advance and know how to deal with the fact when your friends or family might tempt you with offers of going out. Be prepared on how you are going to deal with that and it will just make things so much easier.

Dustin:  What is a good way to be prepared, like how did you kind of handle that one distraction to another?

Nadine: Well, one thing is and Angela and I talked about this a lot, one thing that Angela did because she was during that Christmas time studying, she told everyone in advance look, I am only going to two functions this holiday season, I am going to my law firm’s Christmas party and one family party and that is it. So she knew that those were the two that she had planned to attend and any other offers no matter how tempting, no matter how people, no matter how people saying, oh come on, just for a little while or just stay for dinner, she was firm and said nope sorry, I am committed to this and that was her and it worked for her.

Dustin: That is awesome. You guys are planner, planner aheader …

Nadine: Yes, yes, yes (chuckling)

Dustin: You guys have this plan…let us say you woke up one morning, you have like this plan to do something and then you just like did not feel like studying or you could not study, how did you deal with that? Did you just or take a break what did you do?

Nadine: No I think it is important to if you really wake up feeling like that to take a break and yea I admit there were times when did not follow my plan exactly and you cannot beat yourself up about that, you just have to realize that sometimes you do need a mental break, a physically it is very demanding as well. So along as you kind of look forward and readjust, okay so I did not get this done today, let me put on for my tomorrow plan and let me squeeze in an extra hour to do that so, I think that is perfectly fine.

Dustin: Okay cool. Anything else for enduring or making sure your endurance make it through?

 Nadine: No I think you know of course the obvious thing is being physically fit to see it through taking care of yourself, nutrition, exercise and make sure you get enough sleep that kind of stuff is important in order to have your mind be able to be mentally fit as well so I would just add that.

Dustin: Okay awesome. Thank you for sharing that one and what is your third tip?

Nadine: Well the third tip I can offer you is all about timing and when you think about the essays on the California bar exam they make up 39% of your score so you really need to make sure you do well on the essays in order to pass the bar and what I recommend is really get used to timing yourself in advance if you are doing these 1 hour essays try out the software if using your laptop, the software called exam soft and figure out in advance how to set your timing intervals because the last thing you want to do is run out of time of course on the essays.

Dustin: That is such a huge tip because some people though spend a couple more minutes even going 5 to 10 minutes more on one essay can be detrimental is that right?

Nadine: Exactly, exactly. So what I recommend and I found this really work good for me is, think of it as two time intervals, first set your timer for 15 minutes which is the amount of time which you are going to give yourself to reading the question, making your notes as you go through, maybe circling dates names, whatever your method is briefly outline on your scrap paper, you may even need a diagram subjects like wills, trust, properties when there is so many parents, children, stepchildren all that keeping the name straight can be a challenge so, take that first 10 to 15 minutes and do all that , then set your timer for the second interval of 45 minutes where you are actually going to write out the essay and you have got to watch the clock constantly and like you said you just do not even want to spend more than 5 minutes on any given essay.

Dustin: When you were practicing, did you do like 3 hour block or did you do for an hour 1 hour?

Nadine: Yes. In the beginning I first just did 1 hour essays, but you do need to just simulate a bar exam experience in advance by challenging yourself to sit down and do three in a row because it is quite demanding, so you really do need to do that definitely.

Dustin: Yea, when I was practicing I did, I typically did only 1 hour sessions, but when I got on the bar it is a little bit of a different dynamic when you have three back to back, not only…..

Nadine: Exactly

Dustin: ……stamina wise but also timing because it is so easy to spend that extra 5 to 10 minutes, even for the most discipline of us, but you really got to cut yourself off after the hour.

Nadine: True, true I have talked to so many students who said yea I spent 10 minutes extra on the first one and then I ran out of time on the third one and oh yea it can be a nightmare.

Dustin: You really need the hour and if you do not have the whole thing you are going to miss writing something.

Nadine: Because you never know what the next question is going to be, do not think oh gee, this question is such a race horse and I have really got to take that extra 10 minutes to like get it right. The next question could be more of a challenge you just do not know so stick to 1 hour, just watch the clock constantly and use the timer feature in examsoft if you are using your laptop, because it really, really works really good.

Dustin: Okay, awesome. What is tip number 4?

Nadine: Tip number 4 kind of goes back to the initial planning and it is to come up with a systematic approach and what I mean by that is, look for the tools that are going to make your process as easy as possible and for example let us say you are doing a contract’s question, what I was able to do by using bar issues is I was able to just click on the contracts box and in the software and it gives me a listing of all the exams that are published by the state bar and then I would just select the exam that I am going to work on print off the first page for the question and then start working on that particular essay and this way I was even able to just quickly issue spot the essay if I only wanted to do that and test on, hey did I actually get all the issues in this essay? I could just click on the essay name in bar issues and up would come a neat little pop up giving me a list of just the issues so that I could quickly go through and see oh gee you know I miss that or yea I got them all. So just figure out a really good systematic approach.

Dustin: That is awesome! I looked briefly at Barissues idea and we will talk a little bit more on it as well. That is so helpful because knowing which issues are going to appear, I think it just really helps a lot, so you are not studying everything else out there, but you kind of can ….not only just which topic show up the most which bar issues provides, but also which specific issues within the topic.

Nadine: Right, right and you will find certain patterns too, you will find that there are certain issues and sub-issues that just always get always get tested together so that if you are finding that you spotted one issue if you know hey, this is often tested with something else it would much easier to look for that in advance.

Dustin: Also then of course people can save time because they are focusing on the stuff that actually get tested not everything in that book or everything under the sun.

Nadine: Right exactly.

Dustin: Very good. And what is tip number 5?

Nadine: The final tip is something that I think a lot of students often neglect and it is learning to spot cross overs a cross over is an essay that covers more than one subject and this is really becoming more common on the bar exam, actually our stats show us that the average number of cross overs essays questions on the California bar exam, starting from 2001 to 2014 was 1.7 so you are likely to have at least one cross over on the bar exam maybe even two and again using bar issues it is really easy to spot them and to figure out some of the patterns that cross overs often take.

Dustin: What are some specific keys to spotting a cross over because sometimes…I remember take I do not know if it was the practice exam or actually bar like I was reading something and something was like, it was on professional responsibility but I felt it read to something else but I could not quite pinpoint it so, how do you figure that out?

Nadine: Well, the key to figuring that out is to really look in advance to see which historically, which types of subject have been tested often as cross overs, for example remedies is always going usually be with contracts, or torts, community property is often going to be together with wills, you mentioned professional responsibility, that is often tested with another subject often it is corporations and this is so easily apparent when you do look at our website and you just run down the list of every subject and see, oh yeah you know criminal law of course with criminal procedure and evidence, look for those three together. So when you are looking at the call of the question and know that one of these subjects is definitely in the call, look for the other possible cross over as well.

Dustin: Ok awesome. Good those were awesome tips. Speaking of bar issues tell us a little bit more about the program, kind of who it is for, what are the offers and things like that?

Nadine: Okay, okay. Well you know it is…like I said in the beginning there are so many legal issues that are tested on the California bar exam and it is often overwhelming you know it just feel like you cannot possibly learn them all. Angela and I actually counted based on our you know some of our out loan books that we came up with, it was about 3000 rules of law that span the 15 subjects tested on the exam. So we knew that we could not possibly memorize everything perfectly, so by using bar issues you are able to actually really drill down to what is most important and as we like to say focus on what counts and make sure that you know the top 20 to 30 issues within each subject cold, because most likely you will be tested on those. Not to say that you should not know all the rest but you definitely want to make sure that you focus on what is really, really key.

Dustin: That is awesome. So what I briefly looked at bar issues, so it shows not only like what main topics come up and how often like I think was the evidence I think was one of the most tested essay subject?

Nadine: Yeah, yeah exactly. You can find out from bar issues which..not only which subjects are tested most frequently and like you said evidence is one that seems to be at the top all the time lately, but also which issues and sub issues are tested most frequently, so you often have a gut feeling or you may hear your professor say to you, oh this issue is frequently tested on the bar exam. Well, you know gut feelings are not always are what we want to go by, so let us really look at the stats and look at the data and that is what we have done. We have gone back and analyzed all of the essays, like I have said we read through all of them, read through all the students answers A and B and methodically categorized all of the issues and sub issues and you can rank them so you can look at any given subject and rank then in order of frequency to see which is tested the most, and then you can easily hone in on a weakness that you may have. Let us say you are really struggling with a particular area in contracts, you can actually click on a given issue and it will give you all of the essay that have had all that issue tested and then you and practice more easily.

Dustin: Yea and I love how easy the interfaces you guys made it. It is very easy just to go in there and search and then you actually pop up the essay right then and there. Tell me which essay it is and you pop it up right then and I have to like go back and click (cross talk) …

Nadine: I remember when before we even started studying for the bar exam, we did frequently go on the state bar website to view some of the practice, to view some of the essays and it was so hard to just sieve through, pages and pages, like some of those files are almost a 100 pages long and if wanting to zero in on a specific essay or a specific category  it is really hard so yea, you are right we make it really, really easy to just find what you are looking for within just one click.

Dustin: And every little thing of technology helps when you are overwhelmed by the bar exam.

Nadine: Exactly, exactly this can really make life much easier for the essay portion, definitely.

Dustin: Very good. Also the listener too because you are giving a discount code for my people, is that right?

Nadine: That is correct, that is correct.

Dustin: So at the end of the call I can get that as well. That is great so great tips. Thank you so much for coming on.

Nadine: Well, thank you for having me and hopefully everyone can check us out and we wish everyone the best of luck.

Dustin: Thanks Nadine and tell Angela your co founder we say hi and we will talk to you later.

Nadine: Ok great thanks Dustin.

Dustin: Thank you, take care.

Nadine: Bye

That was Nadine from giving you her 5 tips. I checked out bar issues they look like a great program, there are three people are three reasons why you may want to get your hands on a copy of Barissues, for one you want to see what is most likely tested. What is really great is that you can go through their list of essays that they have, they have lot of issues, basically you do a couple of clicks and you see within each category whether it is contracts, common law, torts or whatever, you can see which issue is tested the most and when they came out specifically.

For example when you go to contracts, you can look under contracts and look at the most tested issues, I will tell you that the second most highly tested issue for contracts since 2001 is the statute of frauds. It has shown up 10 times on 10 exams since 2001 for common law for example standing and strict scrutiny they are also the most tested, they have shown up 9 times since 2001. So they have this for every single topic and every single issue that shown up in California in and you know they may extend to other state at some point, but right now I think California that have shown up, you can get that  for every single issue.

So you know what to kind of prepare for, where to focus your energy most, and what is also great it tells you the specific essay that it showed up on and you just click and that is it, it pops up right there. If you want to practice specific issue in those areas, you can just go in click and it shows up, and you can do that for any kind of issue that has ever shown up. Maybe it is the common law first amendment you want to practice or contracts UCC questions, so that is the second reason why you may be interested in this program because of the very specific issues that you can search and if you want to practice it you can go in there find where that showed up rather than trying to dig through year and years of exams where showed up and when.

You just go to their search database very quickly; just a couple of click and it will tell you where those specific issues showed up so you can go ahead and practice them. The third one is you want to take, if you want to practice your issue spotting, you can go through and search the years of these essays and you just click on the essays and it pops up all the issues that showed up on that specific essay, so that is another great way to practice your issue body, so go click, bam there are all the issues that show up so after you take a practice essay or you practice issues body for an essay you click it and you could see what has shown up and what has not.

For those reasons I think it is a great program something very cool to check out and you could save $10 on your subscription to bar issues just head on over to and that will pages put your email in and I will email you the coupon code. They do not want the coupon code going viral so you got to email me or just go to and I will automatically send you that code so you can use it on your subscription.

When Should I Feel Prepared to Pass Bar Exam

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And I get this question all the time: When should I feel ready that I can go in there and pass the Bar Exam? When do I really feel ready, when should I feel ready?

You know, this is a question that comes up a lot and creates a lot of anxiety for Bar Exam students as they go through the Bar Exam Prep. Because really the first week, the first couple of weeks they are thinking the first time that they look at this material they should be able to get it down, get it down solid.

In reality that’s not going to happen. What the Bar Exam really is it’s a layered approach, that’s like an onion, you’re going to peel layers at a time, and the more layers that you peel, the deeper you’ll get, the more you’ll obtain, the more you’ll remember.

So if you’re not getting everything down those first couple of weeks or the first month or even, you know, the first five-six weeks later after that first one, don’t freak out, don’t trip out, it’s normal and a lot of people are going through that. You really, really for me when I felt like I was really ready to go and take the Bar Exam, by the way that’s not a 100% ready, I don’t know if anybody ever feels a 100% ready, but I felt at a higher level of comfort that I could go in there, I could see an essay and I could be able to handle that essay or handle that MBE, you know, in a passing fashion.

At a certain level, again, it does not appear but as you go through your Bar Prep you’ll notice a transition from “I’ve no idea what I’m doing”, transition it’s you “I kind of get it, I kind of know what I’m doing, I think I can go in there and maybe pass this Exam”. So, when did that moment happen for me, really it was like the final two weeks.

Everything else was kind of a built up, putting things together until it was final two weeks, that’s when I started to feel like “Okay, now I can feel like I can go in there and handle it”. And I realized that because when I started taking essays, brand-new essays I hadn’t seen, for the most part I was spotting most of the issues, I was spotting most of the rules, I was reciting most of the facts and when I looked at the sample answers I saw that both my answer and the sample answer were so more congruent.

So, if it’s not the last couple of weeks yet, don’t freak out, just keep moving, keep your eyes on, keep practicing your exams, keep studying, keep moving forward and really those final two weeks all kind of comes together at that time. So try not to let the mind freak, mess you up as you’re going through, try to just breathe, stay calm and realize: hey, it’s not the final two weeks yet. I can still get this down, I’m still moving forward in my Prep.

So, that’s my tip on when should you feel like you’re ready to go in and take the Bar Exam. You know, never was a 90% ready, but these final couple of weeks this is when things should really start coming together.

So, thanks for watching this video, please like this video and share this video and also head on over to and number 1 , number 2 keys, again your free PDF download ‘The 12 keys to Bar Exam success.’ They will help you save time, study smarter and pass the Bar Exam. Head on over right now, Until next time I’ll see you in the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

The State Bar Exam Model Answers: To Review or Not to Review During Your Prep

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. I have a question for you: Did you just review a state model answer and are freaking out because your answer was nothing like the State model answer?

Well, good news, you’re in the right place, because that has happened to a lot of people, myself included, and reality is this. When you are typing up your essays the best advice is not to compare them to the state model answers.

Usually those are pristine prime top of the top like 90% – 95% maybe 100% passing and you don’t need that to pass your Bar Exam, you need around a 60 -65% range, it depends on your jurisdiction. So, comparing your answers to those answers, it’s going to give you a false sense of what it takes to pass the Bar Exam and it can really decrease your confidence and hurt your chances of passing because hardly anyone ever writes something of that caliber and that high– I certainly never wrote anything close to that and I was still able to pass, you know, on my first try.

So, when comparing your answers, don’t compare the model answers, second options to get like a Bar/Bri book, maybe The Bar/Bri Sample Answers and you compare to those. Again, that’s not the best option because Bar/Bri Answers are not real answers, they are manufactured answers, it often takes a week or a couple of weeks and several people studying down and looking at them and writing those answers out, they will probably score maybe a 80-85 on an actual Exam.

So again, those aren’t actual great competitors , they are little better than the model answers, but they’re not the best option. The best option that I really really recommend especially if you are in California is to check out

And on as done they’ve gone on collecting thousands of actual graded essays from past Bar Exam takers. And they compiled a big database of these essays and the essays are graded in score so you might see essays that actually got a 45 or a 55 , you’ll see some essays that got a 75 or a 70 and you can actually compare your essay with those essays and see how you did.

See what issues you got, see how the wording was, what the rule was, what the facts were. So that’s a much more realistic, you’ve got a much more realistic sense of what it takes to pass the Bar Exam as opposed to comparing it to the model answer or a Bar/Bri manufactured answer. So, what I recommend you do is to head on over to and you can download– , you can sign up for their program and get a list, get a host –, get access to all the thousands of essays that they have, all the way back, I think from the year 2000 through to 2014.

Their essays are powerfully specific so in other jurisdictions other than California, it may not help out; at the same time it could help to see again on what the real passing answers look like I mean in your jurisdiction and maybe the same kind of wording, the same type of material that’s in the—obviously, the contents might be different, but the same, you know, structure I wonder how that could be the same.

So if you head on over to you can get that program today, that is an affiliate link, so I do get a small commission if you sign up for that which I do appreciate. I can also give you a $15 discount code if you head on over to, again BE, B as in boy and E as in Edgar, it will send you something so you can actually just type in your email and automatically shoot you the discount code.

The founder Bar Essays doesn’t want me advertising what the code is out on cyberspace, so you send me an email or you go to, I’ll automatically send that code to you so you can use that when signing up for Bar essays. So, that’s my recommendation for what to compare yourself to when you’re taking Bar Exam Essays and how to, you know, increase the score of your Bar Exam Essay. So, that’s my advice for today.

If you liked this video please go to the like button below or share this video, also head on over to and get the 12 Keys to Bar Exam success free PDF download. Until next time, I’ll see you on the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

The Bar Exam Guide: The Best Place for Your Bar Prep Tips

Hey everyone! Dustin here from and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The 7 Steps To Bar Exam Success. And today I want to share something special with you that I received after I graduated from law school. It was actually one of those gag awards that maybe sometimes schools give and whatnot after they graduate.

But anyway I got the Most Likely To Write A Memoir About Their Experience As A Law Student or Attorney Award. That’s the award I won from the student bar association at my school. And I’ll tell you what, technically was actually way off. I haven’t written about my experiences as a law student or as an attorney. However, I did share my experiences about the bar exam.

After I took the bar exam, there’s a lot that I learned through that process and I had a lot of my friends asking me questions about the bar, a lot of little things like “how much time should I spend? Which bar prep program should I take? How should I approach the materials? How do I deal with the mindset of the bar exam?” What I decided to do was take all these questions and all my own experience and write them up.

I created a blog and then I also created a book called the 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success book. And it’s really just a practical guide of how to go through the bar exam. It’s not a replacement of a bar prep program. There’s no content stuff in here but it’s really a guide to go through the bar exam whether you have a bar prep program or you’re studying on your own. It really, really is helpful.

What I did is give a lot of practical tips about mindset, about how to approach the essays, how to approach the MBE. For those of you starting BarBri, how to actually go through BarBri, rather than doing their schedule that they give you, how to actually make that an effective way as you go through and I’ve been grateful because I get tons of emails all the time of how many people have enjoyed this book, how many people have liked this book.

I’m very grateful for all the 5-star reviews that it has on Amazon and it really have been a huge help and huge resource for people. It’s a short read. It’s like 2 hours to read this whole thing. It really just alters people’s mindset, whether you’re a first time or a repeater. A lot of repeaters have emailed me, said they got hope again. They have new found hope and they’re actually excited. Yes, they use the word ‘excited’ to take the bar exam. A lot of first time takers have read it as well and told me it was a huge help for them as well.

I want to invite you to go and grab your copy of this book. It’s called the 7 Steps To Bar Exam Success. I have it on my website. You can head over to, b-o-o-k, and get it there. I hope you’ll do this. I hope you’ll spend a couple of bucks really to really change your paradigm and really help you on the bar exam.

I know for sure it’s going to be a huge help regardless of your jurisdiction. I took California but this is a guide book that’s helped people in all the types of jurisdiction. So head on over to and go ahead and grab yourself a copy. Until next time, always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

How to Avoid Early Bar Exam Prep Burnout

Hey everyone! Dustin here from and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller the 7 Steps To Bar Exam Success. And a question recently came up from someone that I was helping, who was a repeater student, and the question was this – how do I avoid burnout early on in bar prep?

And this is a common issue for many bar prep students because I know how we are as law students, we come in there and we have this warrior mode energy of trying to get everything done, get it done quick, and what happens is that may work for the first couple of weeks of bar prep but then after that, your energy just gets drained and you just want to stop and you hit a brick wall and you want to cry and that’s where all these emotional problems come up during the bar exam that we tend to hear about and why people complain so much about the bar exam.

What I recommend is as you’re going through the bar exam, don’t treat the bar prep as a sprint. Treat it as a marathon pacing is going to be very, very important. To avoid burnout, there’s a couple of things to do. One is take at least one day off per week where you do nothing bar exam related. You don’t talk to anyone about the bar exam. You don’t even hopefully see anyone related to the bar exam.

You spend time with some family. You go out to nature. You go for a walk. You go have fun. Do something that’s fun, that’s lively that you enjoy and that’s going to recharge your spirit and gets you ready for that next week coming up.

Don’t worry, taking a day off is not going to make you fail the bar exam. In fact, it can help you pass the bar exam if you do it right and you’re systematic about it.
A second way is to really pace yourself as you go through and that really means eating healthy, that means exercising and really managing your energy.

Manage the thoughts, manage the things that come into your head if you’re coming around other stressed out bar exam students. That’s going to drain your energy. They’re using lower power language, lower power words.

Your vibration is going to just drop and it’s going to drain your energy, make you less focus. Surround yourself with higher energy people – positive people, positive audios, positive discussions and whatnot, things that are going to raise your vibration.

Food and exercise, super, super important. It’s stuff that’s very simple, very basic, but can have a huge impact because a lot of people don’t manage that well. Don’t go eat cupcakes for breakfast and then bagel for lunch and then drink a lot of coffee. That’s going to lower your energy.

It’s going to increase your stress and it’s going to cause burnout. Really managing yourself is the #1 key to preventing burnout during the bar exam. And also managing your thoughts, knowing that “Hey, I don’t have to be studying just because everyone else is studying. I don’t have to listen to so and so because they said they study 10 hours a day. I’m not studying 10 hours a day so I’m going to fail.”

Disconnecting, disassociating for what other people are doing and not comparing yourself to what they’re doing. Just focus on what you got to do and where you want to go.

That’s a key to avoiding burnout during your bar prep. I hope that tip serves you. If it does, go ahead and hit the like button below please and also share it with someone that could benefit from this. Also, head on over to and get your 12 Keys To Bar Exam Success. It’s a free pdf guide that I’m sending you to help you on your bar exam journey. Until next time. I’ll see in the next video. And always remember that your name appears on the pass list.