Should I Repeat Bar Exam Questions I Already Practiced

by Dustin on

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And one of my coaching clients the other day asked me: Should I repeat the questions that I’ve already taken for the MBE? So, they took a set of MBE questions- should they later repeat and do those same questions or not?

And my suggestion is this: for the MBE you generally don’t need to do that, for the essays I would recommend that you do that. So, let’s say you take a group of three essays and you do them, I mean you go through them, you learn how that works, and a week later you just want to do some more essays.

You can do more essays or you can repeat those ones that you took because chances are when you go back and you repeat the ones that you took you’re probably not going to remember everything, every little detail that you got and there’s a good chance to again learn and develop and practice the issues spotted, practice the writing, practice going through the essays and you know, writing a complete essay out.

However the MBE, because the questions are very specific and because when you repeat the same questions you’re probably going to know the answer already. Maybe if you took a set at the beginning of your prep and then you know towards the end of your prep, you would remember it, it wouldn’t be like you see it brand-new, but you’re probably already going to know the answers to those.

So, generally speaking I don’t recommend you repeat the MBE questions , there’s a whole bank of them out there whether using [ 01:26 Bar or you don’t] there’s a whole bank of MBE questions, so you don’t really need to go through and repeat it. But for the essays they’re not quite as many all the time and going on the topic and the jurisdiction so it’s not entirely a bad idea to go back and repeat your essays. So that’s my tip on whether to repeat questions or not and how I recommend you go about it.

A performance test depends probably again you don’t need to repeat it as much as long once you do it once you can just find another performance test that you’re doing to do as well to help you practice.

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