When Should I Feel Prepared to Pass Bar Exam

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Hi everyone, Dustin here from IPassedMyBarExam.com and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And I get this question all the time: When should I feel ready that I can go in there and pass the Bar Exam? When do I really feel ready, when should I feel ready?

You know, this is a question that comes up a lot and creates a lot of anxiety for Bar Exam students as they go through the Bar Exam Prep. Because really the first week, the first couple of weeks they are thinking the first time that they look at this material they should be able to get it down, get it down solid.

In reality that’s not going to happen. What the Bar Exam really is it’s a layered approach, that’s like an onion, you’re going to peel layers at a time, and the more layers that you peel, the deeper you’ll get, the more you’ll obtain, the more you’ll remember.

So if you’re not getting everything down those first couple of weeks or the first month or even, you know, the first five-six weeks later after that first one, don’t freak out, don’t trip out, it’s normal and a lot of people are going through that. You really, really for me when I felt like I was really ready to go and take the Bar Exam, by the way that’s not a 100% ready, I don’t know if anybody ever feels a 100% ready, but I felt at a higher level of comfort that I could go in there, I could see an essay and I could be able to handle that essay or handle that MBE, you know, in a passing fashion.

At a certain level, again, it does not appear but as you go through your Bar Prep you’ll notice a transition from “I’ve no idea what I’m doing”, transition it’s you “I kind of get it, I kind of know what I’m doing, I think I can go in there and maybe pass this Exam”. So, when did that moment happen for me, really it was like the final two weeks.

Everything else was kind of a built up, putting things together until it was final two weeks, that’s when I started to feel like “Okay, now I can feel like I can go in there and handle it”. And I realized that because when I started taking essays, brand-new essays I hadn’t seen, for the most part I was spotting most of the issues, I was spotting most of the rules, I was reciting most of the facts and when I looked at the sample answers I saw that both my answer and the sample answer were so more congruent.

So, if it’s not the last couple of weeks yet, don’t freak out, just keep moving, keep your eyes on, keep practicing your exams, keep studying, keep moving forward and really those final two weeks all kind of comes together at that time. So try not to let the mind freak, mess you up as you’re going through, try to just breathe, stay calm and realize: hey, it’s not the final two weeks yet. I can still get this down, I’m still moving forward in my Prep.

So, that’s my tip on when should you feel like you’re ready to go in and take the Bar Exam. You know, never was a 90% ready, but these final couple of weeks this is when things should really start coming together.

So, thanks for watching this video, please like this video and share this video and also head on over to IPassedMyBarExam.com/12Keys and number 1 , number 2 keys, again your free PDF download ‘The 12 keys to Bar Exam success.’ They will help you save time, study smarter and pass the Bar Exam. Head on over right now, IPassedMyBarExam.com/12Keys. Until next time I’ll see you in the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

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