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Hey everyone! Dustin here from and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The 7 Steps To Bar Exam Success. And today I want to share something special with you that I received after I graduated from law school. It was actually one of those gag awards that maybe sometimes schools give and whatnot after they graduate.

But anyway I got the Most Likely To Write A Memoir About Their Experience As A Law Student or Attorney Award. That’s the award I won from the student bar association at my school. And I’ll tell you what, technically was actually way off. I haven’t written about my experiences as a law student or as an attorney. However, I did share my experiences about the bar exam.

After I took the bar exam, there’s a lot that I learned through that process and I had a lot of my friends asking me questions about the bar, a lot of little things like “how much time should I spend? Which bar prep program should I take? How should I approach the materials? How do I deal with the mindset of the bar exam?” What I decided to do was take all these questions and all my own experience and write them up.

I created a blog and then I also created a book called the 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success book. And it’s really just a practical guide of how to go through the bar exam. It’s not a replacement of a bar prep program. There’s no content stuff in here but it’s really a guide to go through the bar exam whether you have a bar prep program or you’re studying on your own. It really, really is helpful.

What I did is give a lot of practical tips about mindset, about how to approach the essays, how to approach the MBE. For those of you starting BarBri, how to actually go through BarBri, rather than doing their schedule that they give you, how to actually make that an effective way as you go through and I’ve been grateful because I get tons of emails all the time of how many people have enjoyed this book, how many people have liked this book.

I’m very grateful for all the 5-star reviews that it has on Amazon and it really have been a huge help and huge resource for people. It’s a short read. It’s like 2 hours to read this whole thing. It really just alters people’s mindset, whether you’re a first time or a repeater. A lot of repeaters have emailed me, said they got hope again. They have new found hope and they’re actually excited. Yes, they use the word ‘excited’ to take the bar exam. A lot of first time takers have read it as well and told me it was a huge help for them as well.

I want to invite you to go and grab your copy of this book. It’s called the 7 Steps To Bar Exam Success. I have it on my website. You can head over to, b-o-o-k, and get it there. I hope you’ll do this. I hope you’ll spend a couple of bucks really to really change your paradigm and really help you on the bar exam.

I know for sure it’s going to be a huge help regardless of your jurisdiction. I took California but this is a guide book that’s helped people in all the types of jurisdiction. So head on over to and go ahead and grab yourself a copy. Until next time, always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

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