How many bar exam MBE prep programs should I buy

by Dustin on

Hi everyone, Dustin here from and author of number one Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And a student I was helping recently asked me a question.

They said that they had five different MBE courses that were helping them pass the MBE and they wanted to know which ones to utilize or what priority to go with. And my answer is this. If you have five different Prep programs for your MBE, is to take four of them and get rid of them, go sell them or do something with them, get them out of there, just focus on one, really go in-depth, take the MBE questions, learn what you’re doing and then if you go through that entire program which hopefully wouldn’t by the end of the Bar program or otherwise it’s probably not a great program and even if you do it till then, pick up maybe a second program, but that’s it.

Don’t go through like five of them; that’s just simply overwhelming, simply overload, and it’s not so much about how many Bar Prep Programs you have helping you pass the MBE, it’s more about what you’re doing with the programs that you have.

So, most programs out there, if you did a research and if you find one and that’s good and it has good results, just get that one, focus on that one, do really in-depth study with that one and that should probably, that would probably be the key that can help you pass the Bar Exam, not so much get going from program to program to program and doing a whole quantity of study. Quantity is not really the key on the Bar Exam, it’s more quality , quality study and focus study and really going in there and figure it out “What I get wrong, what did I get right, what did I get wrong, what did I get right.

Going through each of the questions, now your understanding is greater rather than just trying to go through a bunch of different programs. So that’s my advice for you if you’re thinking of buying a whole bunch of programs for your MBE or your essays or your Bar Prep in general , focus on the one that you just really go in-depth and go out there and not give up.

So that’s my tip for today, if you like that tip, go ahead at the like button below also head on over to, number 1, number 2 keys, it’s a free gift I want to give you, a free PDF download to help you on your Bar Exam, mindset strategy, everything else on your Bar Prep and until next time I’ll see you on the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

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