How many Sample MBE Practice Questions Should I do

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Hey everyone! Dustin here from and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps to Bar Exam Success. And a question came up to me recently from a webinar that I just did was “how many MBE questions should I do to be ready for the bar exam? How many MBE questions should I do to be ready?”

The answer is it really kind of depends on you. I do want to focus that it’s not so much about the number of MBE questions that you do, as it is about the quality of study that you do. For example if you take 500 MBE questions and you don’t look at the answer, you don’t review anything, you don’t see why you got each answer right or wrong, don’t look at the answers that are right and find out why they areright, the answers that are wrong, find out why they are wrong.

If you’re not doing that versus taking100 MBE questions and doing a full on prep and review, the 100 questions are going to be a lot more beneficial than the 500 that you do. Don’t look at MBE as something just to blitz through, just “the more I do, the better prepared I’m going to be.” It’s the more you do with a good in-depth review as you gothrough, that’s what’s going to make you better.

Second thing to consider is are you good at multiple choice tests or not good at multiple choice tests? Multiple choice tends to be extremely logical, little bit less creative than maybe the writing component. A lot of people do struggle with that. I was an engineering degree in undergrad and I kind of developed a really step by step method. We took a lot of multiple choice types of exams, things like that a lot inschool.

I kind of developed that ability so I felt like I didn’t have to take quite as many MBE questions as maybe some other people. At a minimum, I’d recommend you do at least 150 questions per topic, so there’s 6 topics right now. They’re going to add civil procedure, so it will be 7 topics for the MBE. So about 150 questions per topic minimum and that’s with good review. So you read in the question, you’re reviewing it, looking at the answers.

Which one is right? Which one is wrong? Why is it right? Why is it wrong? Why did you get it right or wrong? And if you saw this kind of question next time, would you be able to get it right as well? About 150 per topic and I think that as a minimum will help you be prepared. Again, if you’re someone who needs or wants to get more studying or you do the 150 and you feel your answers are not and your scores are not quite where you want to be, then practice more, continuing reviewing more and increase that number.

Some people do thousands, like 2000 MBE questions, again if that’s what you want and what you feel you need to prepare, then be open to it. There’s no one size fits all here. There’s no specific number that I can tell you, but at a minimum try to hit at least 150 per each topic and that will definitely give you the good footing to be ready for your bar exam. That’s my tip for today.

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I want you to go out there and pass the bar exam and then email me and tell me “hey! I passed the bar exam. Thanks for the help.” I love hearing that from people. Head on over to Until next time, I’ll see you in the next video and always remember that your name appears on the pass list.

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