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The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success Review

by Dustin on

The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success book has finally arrived to an Amazon account near you.  I have spent the last six months working on creating something all-encompassing, awesome, and centralized for bar exam students to have at their side throughout their bar prep.  Here is what the book entails:

Step 1 – The 12 Key Concepts

What are the key concepts you should know for your bar exam?  What are the core things you should know about the grader, yourself, the study materials, and the mindset about the bar exam?

In this chapter, I review these key concepts, give you the Number one rule to pass your bar exam, some quick tips on how to reduce stress, overwhelm, and time you spend by focusing on the needle-moving activities and best practices for keeping your mind and body in tune with your success.  These 12 Keys will help you tremendously on your bar exam prep.

Step 2 – The Bar Exam Passer’s Mind and Body

What does the mind and body of a bar exam passer look like?  How do they handle fear and stress in the moment?  What is their source of motivation to climb the hurdles of the bar exam?

In this chapter, I teach you the must-use tools of the mind that are used by the professionals all over the world to help fight through fear, doubt, and obstacles.  I give you a power list of affirmations to use and the 1-page bar exam script that will reprogram your mind to ensure your success.

For the body, I provide the latest in neuroscience studies to help you increase your motivation, productivity, and understand the real causes of your stress and anxiety at a scientific level.  I also give you ten practical tips on how to use and treat your body throughout bar prep to ensure your greatest success.

Step 3 – The 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Begin Bar Exam Prep

Don’t just dive right on into the bar exam.  What do you need to have situated in your life before you begin your bar exam prep?

I analyze different bar prep options based on the most relevant criteria, and give you the truth about bar prep pass rates.  I provide some of the most top-notch resources you can use to help you knock out the essays and MBE.  I give you in-depth criteria and questions to focus on if you are debating on working during your bar prep.  I will also help you situated your ‘life-outside-of-bar-prep’ and how best to handle the mental, emotional, and physical setup around your bar prep based on my own experience.

Step 4 – The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

I will answer your most deep-seated questions and give you the insight scoop on when to start studying for the bar exam, the number of hours to spend daily, how many essays, PT’s, and MBE questions you should do, and the best method for approaching the bar exam – the same one that saved me hours in time, stress, and headache.

Step 5 – The Bar Exam Essays

I will give you the 11 Golden rules to passing the essays, many of which you didn’t learn in law school.  Then, I will give you my Golden approach to the essays.  It’s the technique people have told me they have come to grow and love.  It’s the #1 strategy which helped me pass my bar exam and deal with roller-coaster I went through during bar week.

Step 6 – The Bar Exam MBE

Get the 8 Keys to passing the MBE on your first attempt.  Learn how to increase your MBE scores and how to handle the emotions when you don’t see your scores increasing anymore.

Step 7 – Bar Exam Week

Learn the Four Preparations you MUST have to ensure a successful bar exam week.  I will also give you 12 additional tips on psychology, mindset, and strategy to have a great bar exam week based on the struggles I did not anticipate, but went through during my bar exam.

Get Your Copy of The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success Here

The book will be given Complimentary during the launch sequence. Free access to the book expires Friday, February 15th at midnight PST.


By grabbing your copy of the book right now, you also get access to additional bonuses for Free.

  • Print outs of the bar exam affirmation list and script to put on your wall.
  • Bar/Bri MBE Insider Tips Bonus Chapter – Learn all the MBE secrets Bar/Bri has discovered.
  • Access to the Bar Exam sleep mp3
  • Additional unannounced bonus to help with your mindset, relaxation, and beliefs!

The book is also loaded with quick tips and myth-busters.  Be sure to get your hands on your copy today on Amazon.

Get Your Copy of The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success Here


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