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Your bar exam prep is to get you ready for bar exam day.  Although rare, every year at least one person’s laptop will go out during the bar exam, and this person is left with having to complete his essay by hand.

This probably won’t happen to you, but then again, it’s very easy to prepare for it just in case.  The preparation is:

Do at least one practice essay and one practice PT by hand. 

For the bar exam, as much as you can, you want to minimize the number of things that are out of the ordinary.  And a failing laptop would be one of those things.

So, during your bar exam prep, do an essay and performance test by hand.  If your laptop goes out, at least you will have had the experience of writing by hand and will feel better prepared for it.  This will at least alleviate fears you have of your laptop crashing because you’ll know you have been there before and can handle it.

I did one essay and one PT by hand.  Thankfully I didn’t need it, but better safe than sorry!

“This name appears on the pass list”

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