Bar Exam Preparation: The 1 daily activity to do and pass

by Dustin on

In this bar exam video, I share how to approach the bar exam preparation day-to-day.

Hey everyone! Dustin here from and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Seven Steps To Bar Exam Success. And one question that came up with a client that I was helping coach through the bar exam was, this client want to know how they should approach the bar exam on a day to day basis, like what should they do, day to day, to help them get to where they want to go and passing the bar exam. And what we came up with was the 50-2 plan, 50-2, meaning 50 MBE questions per day and 2 practice essays per day.

And if you can implement that in your bar exam where you’re doing 50 MBE’s and 2 practice essays per day, you’re going to be so prepared, so ahead of so many other people, it’s not even funny. By doing that, the 50-2 plan, what you actually do is you practice what you’re going to be tested on bar exam day.

You begin to train your mind how to go through the MBE’s and train your mind how to take practice essays, so when you walk in there on bar exam day it’s like magic. You’ll have gotten the mindset, you have seen most of the types of issues, the types of things that can come up on the bar exam and you’ll be very, very prepared.

In addition to all the other stuff you’re doing, all the other homework or the rules and outlining and memorizing and all that stuff that you’re doing, focus really on the 50-2 plan. Make sure you implement that every single day, and even make that, I would say, a top priority and then do all your other stuff after that.

And that’s going to make you super, super prepared for the bar exam. I look forward to you implementing that on your bar prep and for you emailing me once you’ve passed the bar exam at how that worked for you.

Go ahead and implement that today. And also, please like and share this video. Also head on over to and get your free pdf, The 12 Keys To Bar Exam Success.

It’s a free download that’ll help you save time, feel more prepared and give you the actual strategy of good ways to kind of go through the bar exam and how to feel prepared going into the bar exam. So head on over to and download that today. Until next time, always remember that your name appears on the pass list.    

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