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Affirmations for the Bar Exam

by Dustin on

In this video, I give you a preview of the Bar Exam Affirmation Audio. Affirmations were HUGE part of my bar exam success.  They are one of the biggest secrets used by top performers and athletes all around the world.

Sometimes Affirmations get a bad rap for being ‘hokie’ or too ‘New Agey,’ but you know what, I’d rather be ‘hokie’ and pass the bar, than not.  So, take a listen and be sure to get your hands on the full Bar Exam Affirmation Audio, so you can download it to your mobile device and listen while driving or on the go.

If you think about it, why do you believe what you believe?  Most of our beliefs come from what we were told by our parents, peers, and society while growing up.  We are running a script based on the words of others.  It’s time to run a script based on YOUR own true power, based on the most positive and capable part of you.

By repeating positive mantras and affirmations to yourself on a continuous and consistent basis, you start to form new neural pathways that make the mantras you are repeating a firm part of your reality.  There is a lot at stake with the bar exam and you are putting in a lot of effort.

Make sure you have the Mental Edge during preparation and exam day.

Here’s what a few people said about the Affirmation program.

“Now that bar results are out and I can proudly say I passed the first time. I listened to the affirmation right up until the last day of the exam.  I was not a stellar law student, had no confidence in my multiple choice ability, but I sucked it up and made it through. The affirmation mp3 totally got me through on the days when I just wanted to quit.”
Amy R – California

“The recording is wonderful. Ever since I heard it issues kept popping out at me… just wonderful.”
Vanessa M.

“All my friends love and are listening to your affirmation mp3.”
Ali R. – California

“I like it. It keeps me in the right state of mind.”
Karla M. – California

“It was really good. After hearing it for awhile, I felt like I am doing better on my MBE.”
Mary K. – California

“I do want to say that your mp3′s helped relax me, the affirmation mp3 helped keep me positive…”

“Love your affirmations… they help me when I get nervous and I can hardly study.”
Liz H.

“I’m a big believer in the value of affirmations and visualization… I learned one of the big tools to passing is to not let the stress and pressure of the exam and the exam environment get to you.  That’s why I bought your program – to remind me to not psyche myself out… I have the affirmations on repeat in my iPhone while I’m working out… I think it’s all great… I believe they really helped, and I think the mental strategy was a big part of it.”
Jeff M.

So, don’t delay and don’t miss out.  This audio will help you, I promise.  See what the Bar Exam affirmation audio sounds like to be sure you like it, then get your copy of the full Affirmation Audio here.

Until next time,

“This name appears on the pass list”

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