Which Bar Exam Pain will you Choose?

In life and certainly during bar exam prep, you are certain to go through either one of two pains.  As Jim Rohn describes, there are the two following:

  1. Pain of Discipline, or
  2. Pain of Regret.


1) Pain of Bar Exam Discipline


There really is no getting around it.  The person who works hard and works smart has the greatest shot at success on the bar exam.  To work hard it takes discipline and lots of it.

The good news is most, if not all, of you have already developed the ability to be disciplined in very challenging circumstances.  You would not have made it through law school without the characteristic of discipline.  If you go through this pain here and now during your bar prep by working hard and smart, you can avoid the second pain.


2) Pain of Regret


This is not a fun pain to face, but it will show up if you do not go through the first pain.  The pain of regret would be looking back and wishing you had put in more time, studied harder, or figured out the system to maximize your effectiveness.

Be disciplined during your bar studies.  Take consistent action.  Take needed breaks.  Do lots of timed practice.  It will be challenging to do, but better to go through the pain of discipline now than the pain of regret later.

You got this.  You are here for a reason and have already developed the skills needed.  It’s your time.

“This name appears on the pass list”

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