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Many of you will be crawling the internet for tips and advice on how to help you pass the bar exam.  Although, I love the fact you are reading my blog, I would love to share with you some other blogs you may also enjoy (Yes, I am revealing my competition!).

In actuality, I don’t view these other sites as competitors.  I believe everyone’s bar exam journey is unique, and they offer their own unique perspective to the bar exam.  This is not an exhaustive list, but consists of many of the bar exam bloggers I hear about on a consistent basis. I reveal them in alphabetical order.

Check out these sites for yourself. They all consistent of recent, fresh bar exam passers and share great information. Until next time…

“This name appears on the pass list”

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Dustin Saiidi, author of The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success, graduated in the bottom half of his class, but passed the bar exam on his 1st attempt. He shares how he overcame those challenges and gives tips, advice, and strategies so you can pass your bar exam, stress-free.

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