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You Control Your Bar Exam Destiny

by Dustin on

As your preparation for the bar exam nears, it’s important to keep in mind who your biggest competition is for your bar exam.  And, it’s quite simple.  Look no further than your own mirror.

You are Your Biggest Competition

Some people like to get caught up in the statistics of the bar exam pass rates.  Well, in some jurisdictions the numbers look bad.  The pass rate in California for February is less than 40%.  But guess what, you are not competing with other people.

You are competing with yourself.

In the end, what others are doing to help them pass the bar exam does not really matter.  It’s all about you.

This is not a football game. Your outcome does not depend on the how well the other team plays. This is like running a marathon.  You are in complete control as to how you finish. You are in control of the preparation, the mindset, and the follow through.

You control your Bar Exam Destiny!

So, if your mind ever starts wandering and focusing on how you’re going to do compared to other people, bring it back to yourself.  Affirm, “I control my destiny. I can do this.”

Do so and you will be well on your way to reading the following come results day:

“This name appears on the pass list”


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