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Every year, the minds of many bar exam students are filled with questions about the bar study process.

What’s the best way to study for the bar exam?  How many hours will I spend each day studying?  Should I spend the money on a bar prep program?  Should I study in groups?

It is natural and normal for you to be filled with all these questions about the bar exam.

Even if you are taking a bar exam prep program, there are many of these more subtle questions that are not addressed.

This is why on this website, you will find tons of tools to help you pass your bar exam with ease and confidence.

The most important thing to keep in mind about the bar exam is that it is a marathon, not a race.  You will have about two months to spend preparing (you don’t need more than that).

It is also important to get everything situated before you start the bar exam, so you don’t have needless distractions during your bar exam prep.

Also, during you bar exam, make sure you have a good system of maintaining your energy, thoughts, and balance.  It’s important to stay focused, and keep yourself from burnout.  It really is about energy management, not time management.

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