Whatever You Do, Keep On Going Bar Exam Week

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There are many stories of seats being filled on day 1 of the bar exam, only to be empty come day 2 or day 3.  Don’t be one of these.

People spend months preparing, then after day 1, may feel like they failed the exam.  So, they figure it doesn’t matter and don’t show up to the other bar exam days.  And what happens when they get their scores three months later?

Passing day 1 scores!

This has happened to a lot of people.  The absolute last thing you want to do come bar exam day is give up.  No way.  You have spent way too much time, and sweated way too many tears and blood to get to this day.  No one walks out of the bar feeling like they just made it to the top of Mount Everest.  It’s the bar exam, you’re not supposed to get it perfect!

All you need is a 65, a D-, and you’re going to be an attorney.  So, just move through and don’t worry if you’re not perfect.

In many states, the bar exam is actually designed to throttle you a bit.  In California, you can almost guarantee yourself there will be at least one exam question which has you totally puzzled.  Personally, I felt mine had four of them!  That is ok. If you don’t know it, NOBODY does! Do your best, make up some rules, use the facts, and go for it. 

The graders don’t give a hoot about details anyway.  They just look for headings to make sure you got the right issues, the use of a reasonably good rule, and key facts that are supposed to be applied to that heading.  Remember, the graders spend about three minutes grading your essay and incorrect rules get partial credit so long as you still apply the facts to your incorrect rule!

I think Babe Ruth said something like, “You don’t hit 100% of the balls you don’t swing at.”  So, don’t strike yourself out, if you don’t feel like you did something right.

Woody Allen says, “70% of success in life is showing up.”  Well if you get a 70 on your bar exam… PASS!

The worst that can happen is you won’t pass, and you’re already creating that reality by not showing up.  You’ve put in the time and effort.  You never know how it will turn out.  Just show up, push through, and don’t give up.

Good luck on you bar exam prep!

“This name appears on the pass list”

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