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Bar Exam is a Marathon, not a Sprint

by Dustin on

The bar exam is a marathon, not a sprint.  Many people know this, but they forget to act on it during their bar exam.  In a sprint, a runner will put everything he or she has on the line. He will push himself beyond his limits. He will give it his all. And at the end, he will feel absolutely exhausted. This is NOT the way to approach your bar exam.

In a marathon, the runner will move slowly, but steadily. He will be consistent.  He will not over-exert himself, nor will he slow down for too long.  The runner will drink water along the way.  He will pace himself and take breaks when needed.  This is the path of the bar exam passer.

Many people feel stressed and anxious because they are burning themselves out along the way. They are sprinting for parts of the race, instead going at a slow, consistent and steady pace.  If you do over-do it, slow down and take some time to recover. It’s ok.

The bar exam preparation is just that … a preparation.  You are preparing so you can go out and beat the bar exam when testing week arrives.  Don’t burn yourself out in the preparation by over-kill.  Manage your energy.  Keep your faith.  And most of all, pace yourself.  The bar exam is a marathon, not a sprint.

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