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Being Thankful you get to take the Bar Exam

by Dustin on

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week and time to name the things we are most thankful for in our life.  I know it requires quite the paradigm shift to even think of mentioning being thankful for getting to take the bar exam; however, consider the following:

  • Did you know that out of every 20 people in the world, you are the only lucky one to have a college degree?
  • Did you know that out of America’s 300 million people, you are on the verge of being one of the lucky 0.36% that has J.D. degree with the opportunity to practice law?

Wow! You are a privileged person!  You are training to be certified to become an officer of the most prestigious and powerful profession, in the most prestigious and powerful nation, during the best time in the history of planet Earth!

That. Is. Straight-Up Awesome.

Bar Exam Prestige

If you don’t think so, start dropping lines around town.  In conversation, slide in the fact in that you’re a lawyer getting ready to take the bar exam.  Watch the ‘ooohs’ and ‘awes’ come across their faces.  People look up to you for what you’re doing, as they should.  We know that when we’re in the midst of school and the bar, it’s hard to have the outside perspective and truly see how privileged we are… but we really are.

How many people out there wake up every day not even knowing the existence of the opportunities you have?

Not many times or many places in our current world or past world have people had the opportunity to attain whatever education they like.  And here you are doing it.  Would you trade places with anyone else during any time period or era?

No, you’re here for a different purpose.

The few.  The Proud.  The Attorneys.

Science of Gratitude

There is also a science behind the benefits of being thankful.  According to the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, being in a state of Love and Gratitude can trigger your most positive thoughts.  This will affect your entire body chemistry, giving you more energy and power, and less worry.

So be thankful for the opportunity to take the bar exam to become a licensed attorney in the United States of America!

We wish you success in passing your bar exam!

“This name appears on the pass list”

“And the excited lawyer sat behind his computer and entered his application number and password.  Immediately, the realization of her hopes and dreams flashed across the screen, ‘this name appears on the pass list’”


World Population with a college degree

Percentage of practicing US attorneys

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