Pray for Others Bar Exam Success

One of the best ways to generate yourself in the zone of passing your bar exam is to in fact pray for not only yours, but other people’s success on the bar exam.

What?  You may be thinking:

But wait a minute! If I pray for others and they pass, won’t that make it less likely for me to pass?!

Ehhh, incorrect.

Did you know your mind doesn’t distinguish thoughts you think about others and thoughts you think about yourself?

If you think and send positive vibes to others to pass the bar exam, your mind will think you are sending that to yourself, and help you reach an energetic state of a bar exam passer.

If you send hate thoughts to others, your mind thinks you are sending hate thoughts to yourself.

Each thought generates an electrical frequency that varies depending on how positively charged or negatively charged the thought is.  This energy will charge up your body and mind in congruence with the energetic frequency of the thoughts you think.  This is based on the results of a study done by the scientist Masaru Emoto.

So think positive thoughts.  Project them onto others.

If you have a spiritual faith, whatever the denomination, utilize it.  Pray for your success.  Pray for the success of others.

Your passing the bar is NOT dependent on others’ failure.

It is dependent on you.

Give yourself this last energetic boost going into your bar exam.

Try it.  It will open you up and take you higher.

And always remember,

“This name appears on the pass list”





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Dustin Saiidi, author of The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success, graduated in the bottom half of his class, but passed the bar exam on his 1st attempt. He shares how he overcame those challenges and gives tips, advice, and strategies so you can pass your bar exam, stress-free.

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