Bar Exam Mental Edge Has Arrived!

by Dustin on

Oh goodness. It is finally here! I have finally created the ultimate program to help you pass your bar exam.

I’ve put in over 600 hours of training the past ten months to combine my bar exam expertise with the power of the mind to bring you, the bar exam taker, the most complete and ultimate program to help you gear your mind up for passing the bar exam.

I’ve spoken on my site extensively about how the power of the mind can impact your results. I’ve spoken about the importance in writing “Why you want to pass the bar exam?” and other empowering questions and mindset tips you can utilize.

Indeed, I used a lot of these when I was taking my bar exam, and I’m convinced that if I hadn’t squared my mind up correctly, I wouldn’t have passed.

In fact, statistically I wasn’t supposed to pass.

I graduated in the bottom half of my class in the part-time division and the administration sent around reports of what the statistical likelihood of me passing was… a whole 25%.

So, I put together everything I knew about the mind to help me get ready.

I’ve taken all that knowledge, and combined it with my extensive training to give you this sweet, program.

You can get it now by clicking below!

Get the Bar Exam Mental Edge


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