What if you Pass the Bar Exam?

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When it comes to the bar exam, many people freak out simply because they are focused on this one question, “What if I fail the bar exam?”

Well, my friends, that is the WRONG question to ask.


Once you go that route, you start thinking of all the negative possibilities that could happen.  You increase your stress, anxiety, and fears.

Instead ask yourself, “What if I pass the bar exam?”

Go ahead and ask yourself that now.

Seriously, look away from this computer screen for one moment and ask yourself that question.  You may even try writing down the answers.


Notice, how your frame of mind changes from one of fear and loss, to one of possibility and creation.  You may even feel excited about what will happen when you pass your bar exam.

And guess what?  We are in a feeling universe.

What we you feel and focus on, you attract.

So, focus, not on the fear of failing, but on PASSING the bar exam. <– Click to tweet this

So, I ask you again, “What if you pass the bar exam? What will happen?”

“This name appears on the pass list”

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