If this guy passed the bar exam…

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Last week, an entire law firm was booted off a fair labor class action lawsuit because the lawyer showed ‘flagrant disrespect’ towards opposing counsel and their clients by scheduling depositions at Dunkin Donuts, showing up in T-shirt and shorts, and playing Angry Birds during deposition testimony.

You can see the full article here.

The message learned here is this: IF HE CAN PASS THE BAR EXAM, SO CAN YOU!

This attorney obviously doesn’t stand for much.  If he can break through the ranks and be qualified to be a lawyer so can you.

Try this exercise by asking yourself, “What kind of lawyer will I be?  What will I stand for as someone who is licensed to practice law?”

Write down 5 answers to these questions and keep them near your during your bar exam prep.  This will help align your mentality with that of a good, true lawyer.

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