An 8-Step Approach to MBE Studying

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Here is a look at a good step-by-step approach to the MBE portion of your bar exam, which will help you ensure you are prepared the best you can be.

1) Do one untimed MBE test of 17 questions.

2) See which answers you got correct and which are wrong.

3) Read all the answers choice explanations for ALL the exam answers, regardless whether you got it correct or not.

4) If the answer explanation doesn’t give you enough information where you could retake the question and get the right answer, then look up the rule in the outline and read through it until you understand the rule and how it would apply on this question.

5) Repeat Steps 1-4 once more for a second exam.

6) Do one TIMED MBE test of 17 questions.

7) Repeat Steps 2-6 by doing another timed exam.

8 ) After having done these four exams for each topic, you will have made a very good first run-through and should have a pretty good grasp of the MBE questions and answers that will be discussed.

And be sure to come back later and do more tests, including mixed answer sets!

Also, take a look at these 10 MBE tips.

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Good luck on your bar exam

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