Bar Exam Week Podcast (Episode 002)

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The Bar Exam week has arrived! Listen to the podcast giving you a bar exam pep talk with some tips and suggestions for bar exam week.

This episode we are going to be talking about bar exam week and give you a little pep talk of what you can do this week. So most of you are taking your bar exam this week and I know what it is like, I have been there. Some of you might be flustered and cramming, some of you are probably very calm and relaxed, some of you are between those two emotions and all of that is perfectly okay do not feel one way is right one way is not right, I should have be this, I should be this, all of it is normal and it is okay.

And whatever you are feeling know this, sometimes we as human beings feel we are not deserving or not worthy of something, know that you are deserving and worthy of passing this bar exam, that you have put in the time, you put in the effort you paid your dues, the last one or two months studying, the last three to four years of law school, you have put in the time and you are ready now and you deserve to pass this bar exam.

So think for a second that you do not, do not even worry about passing or not passing just focus on the work you have been doing and go in there and taking the questions, answering the questions, know and put in the back of your mind that these bar exam graders that are grading your exams do in fact want you to pass. They were in the same shoes that you’ are in right now, they know what it is like and they actually do want you to past that is their desire, that other people in the room want you to pass, that your family, your friend, you relatives, people want you to do well, they want you to pass this exam, you are deserving and you are worthy, it is just a matter of going out and executing.

To be honest you already have come over the hill by putting in all this time and effort to prepare, now it is just time to go out there to relax do your best and execute, that is it. That being said make sure you put yourself in a good state of emotions, listen to some nice relaxing music the night before and on the drive or the walk over to the bar exam room. The night before watch one of your favorite movies, watch an inspirational movie, something that will take your mind off the bar and really just kind of motivate you and help you relax.

Eat good food the next few days, have a good hearty breakfast, make sure your lunches are good but not too thick, I have a lot of food tips on the website that you can check out. So believe in yourself you have already put in the work, the time, the effort, you have already pass this exam it is just a matter of going out and having it occur in reality and that is it.

 When you come home after day one and day two, do not worry about how you did or what you might have missed or you did not got tight, do not worry about what other people are saying. Often time I have found it is the people who talked about the exam and almost brag about all the issues that they receive; those are the ones that should not be listened to.

So if you hear someone talking about these issues and everything else that they found do not worry about that, you found what you found, you wrote what you wrote put it in the past and move on to the next day. Also make sure for those of you who are taking the three days bar exam make sure you are ready for day three because statistically scores on day three tends to be a little bit lower than the score on day one and day two, that is because people get tired and what not.

So you put in way too much time and effort to get tired on day three and let your scores slip, so make sure you get a really good night rest on day two, eat some power bars and Omen whatever you need to on day three to make sure your energy is fresh and you are ready to go and to really to close out that bar exam on day three and also no matter what happens do not, do not, do not, do not give up, do not give up on essays, do not give up on questions, do not say I cannot do  this, I do not know this forget about it because the most important thing to remember is that if you do not know something on the exam, nobody know whatever the X being asked on the exam, just give it your best shot, make something up, a lot of times  it is not as bad as it looks.

I saw plenty of things I had no idea, there was an entire essay on a topic I had not even studied for, but I know if I did not study for it nobody had studied for it and that is just how it goes so do not worry about it, just write something, make something up, make some fact, make lot of excuse me, throw in some facts make it look pretty, throw in some headings and baba boob baba bing you got yourself an answer that is going to get you some amount of points. Lastly I also recommend you stop studying at least Monday afternoon, if you want to get some attack sheet saying on Monday morning that is fine, but Monday afternoon I recommend you just stop, you want to make sure your energy is peaking during bar exam days not before and not after. So do what you need to do to manage your energy that’s very important and again I recommend you stop on the days of each bar exam.

For me what I did when I came home sometimes I did do some additional studying, it wasn’t anything intense but I did do some reviewing presumably after the essays on day one I went and reviewed some multiple choice questions after I got home just to get my mind in that zone to be ready to take multiple choice questions the next day. After day two when I got home I did some essays on some of the topic I have not even covered yet just again to get my mind in the zone so, if you want to do that go for it if you feel comfortable either way just make sure you are not doing too much or you will be maxing out your energy. You want your energy to peak on bar exam days.

Ok I have rambled for at least a good 5 or 6 minutes now so I am going to stop talking and let you guys finish up the last minute studying and good luck this week, you can do it, believe in yourself, you got this, this is your time go in there smile, happy, confident and go knock this baby down. Alright good luck on your bar exam. In time you too will see this name appears on the pass list.

 For more tips on passing your bar examination please visit and best of luck in passing your bar exam.

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