10 Tips to Handle Bar Exam Results Day

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The day you find out your bar exam results may be more nerve wracking than your bar exam studying days.  Here’s the Top 10 tips on how to deal with that day.

1) Distract yourself

Do as some players in the NFL Draft do on Draft day.  Keep yourself occupied with gardening, exercising, playing video games, and work (if you have a job, that is).

2) Have no attachment to the outcome

To be perfectly frank, everything is out of your hands by now.  There is really nothing you can do to change the outcome.  Even prayer and luck won’t change the results.  Practice not having any attachment to the outcome.  What’s so is so, for better or worse.  Either way, you will continue on and so will the world.  Worrying about it won’t affect anything but your own well being.

3) Be around people who don’t talk about it

It sucks sitting around, being nervous about the upcoming results.  It sucks even more having your friends being nervous for you and around you.  For the day, go hang out with all your non-law friends who think the bar exam is a Par 3 Bar Hop.

4) Don’t ask your friends if they passed

This is a big no-no.  There is little worse than asking your friend if they passed the bar exam and not getting a response or worse, a big fat, “No.”  Ouch, I knew I shouldn’t have said anything!  If you want to know if they passed, wait for them to tell you or just check their facebook.  If you really want to get nosy, put their name on the state bar website on bar exam results day.  Click here for California.

5) Tell Family and Friends, “I’ll let you know”

This is when the line, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you,” is quite appropriate.  If I didn’t pass, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to repeat the news to the next hundred people that saw or texted me asking for the news.  Just let them know, if you hear from me by 6:10pm, you’ll know.  If not, you’ll know.

6) Have a tentative celebratory plan in place

It wouldn’t be very fun to plan an elaborate dinner on bar exam results day only to find out you’ll be spending the next few months studying again.  On the other hand, make sure you have the streets ready to be sectioned off if you do pass.  Both Super Bowl teams have their parade planned ahead of time, even though only one will be partying.  Keep it ready to rock, just in case.

7) Spend time with your support group

Whether, it’s a celebratory dinner or not, you should make time to spend with your support group either way.  They have been with you during the trench battles, and they’ll be there for you on result day, win or lose.  In victory, celebrating with them will be sweet for all.  In temporary setback, their support and encouragement will be invaluable.

8 ) If you don’t pass?

Failing the bar is like seeing your ex with another guy:  Not a good feeling.  But, don’t fret.  It may hurt, but time will heal it.  Take a deep breath, thank your inner guidance and higher power for the opportunity, and ask what you can do to pass next time.  Remember, many fail.  You’re not alone, so don’t get distraught.  Read here for consolation.

9) Just count

If none of this works and the thoughts and worry still creep into your head, just start counting in your mind until they go away.

10) If you Do pass?

Cherish it and enjoy it.  You’re donzo with law school and all that comes with it.  Celebrating passing the bar with a trip to the bar.  I don’t encourage alcohol drinking, just bar trips.  Also, check out the Top 5 Ways to Announce Passing Bar Results.

Best of luck with the results!

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