5 Ways to Warm up Bar Exam Morning

by Dustin on

On bar exam day, it might be a good idea to give your mind a short warm up before you head into the exam room.  Here are 5 ways to do it.

1) Read through an essay or two

Grab a couple essays and just read through them.  If you want, even do a quick issue spot or outline of one of them.  This can build some confidence and calm any morning nerves.  Don’t worry too much about checking the answers.  You’re doing this just to get the mind going.

2) Do 5 to 10 MBE questions

Again, just read and give some answers if you want.  Don’t worry about checking the answers.  You’re doing this to warm up, not learn.  Warming up like this can get you ‘in the zone.’

3) Quick 15 min jog

This is a nice way to get the blood and energy flowing throughout the body.  It’s just a warm-up to wake up the system. 

4) Do jumping jacks, push-ups

This gets the blood flowing.

5) Good, hearty breakfast

Get some protein, food, and energy into the body.  It will get the blood flowing to your head and help you be ready right when you walk into the exam room.  More food tips.

Good luck on your bar exam.

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